About Me


  • T Mark- 


    My Cape Cloth Hat, My ‘So Last Year’ t-shirt and my Seven String Jackson Guitar-

  • gave my life to Jesus in 1984- happy ever since!
  • Happily married with 3 kids
  • lives on Cape Cod
  • has been playing guitar and bass forever
  • fully understands how lucky he is and does not take it for granted.
  • ‘T’ stands for ‘thanks’ (well, it could)
  • is married to someone named “Marks wife”. How fortunate that her parents had the forethought- then she just had to find the one she liked. That has worked out quite well too.

4 comments on “About Me

  1. As the one who introduced him to his wife, played in many bands (and jam sessions) with him and later he would introduce me to Jesus. I can tell you this is one of the best friends that you could have. He is a “T-errific” man.


  2. I am married to the one and only TMark. how happy and amazed to share my life, with such an incredibly talented man. and we have a fantastic family. very proud mom and wife. luv u all


  3. love u miss u and hope u get better u should also put some pics of ur family(aka me ) on the website
    can’t wait to see u pops


  4. Mark, heard your story about the mattress last Saturday night. I want to invite you to “Story Slam”- third Thursday of each month at the Chat House. That was a GREAT story!!
    Also, have an old brake rotor I’ve been keeping around for you if you want it.
    Rachel T


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