2003_0107Image0075Welcome Рand- Thank You!

Thank you for visiting and it is my hope that you will be entertained, informed, inspired, challenged and encouraged by visiting and clicking around the site.

We do quite a lot of things in a variety of areas- (including the over-use of parenthesis) and talking about myself as though I was ‘we’ (not sure why I did that)

Comments are welcome so just click any post to get to the comment section.

I love to hear from all you kids! instagram-logoworking on the Jeep

Now you can follow me on Instagram @ Marshall_Stax (this is not a link) (you can find me there tho-)


that’s me- and that’s what welding looks like… although you should not actually look at the flash when someone is welding because it can damage your eyes- so- sorry about that.


Much friendlier in person!

3 comments on “Home

  1. I bought a crab you made in chatham, cc. I’d love to see other pieces. Do you have a website? Thanks so much.


    • Hello and thank you! I did make several new pieces recently and I’m proud to say it’s possibly some of my best work yet. I will make a real effort to get some new photos up. If you check the older blog posts, I wrote one about Art stuff. … I will keep you posted.


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