The Music

Music? …well, Yes and lots of it… I have been fortunate to play guitar and bass in several bands. Playing both originals and covers-  in Jan 2011 I started recording some original instrumentals on my laptop. 

You can go to http://soundcloud.-com/marshallstax-1 and hear some stuff  for free and even download it-

 I bought Reaper (a recording program) and I find it to be absolutely great. Nice and easy to use- (you can try it for free- which is awesome- so awesome that I bought it!)(its that good!) try it:

I also used the Stealthplug which is like a 1/4 ” guitar cord on one end and a USB on the other to get stuff into the computer

I do use Marshall amps (thats why I get to be Marshall Stax) and I did just buy a Jackson DR-7 seven string so now I have a whole bunch of guitars and 3 or 4 basses.

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