The Answer

the answer is Jesus- He loves you, even though he knows you! 

You are the missing child on God’s milk carton in heaven- He longs to have you back- you are very valuable to Him and He doesn’t want you to be harmed or hurt in any way- 

So He has made a way that everyone can come back to Him and get into heaven-Finding forgiveness, acceptance and love- by just admitting that you have done things wrong- that in spite of your best intentions and appearance… you are just as selfish as anyone else- and that your pride is actually your problem. Then ask for forgiveness from Jesus, who took the place we should have had- and paid the price for our sins- By being killed on the cross- and by Believing that He rose from the dead, making the way in which we could be free from our lower fallen nature- and have a brand new life- as though we could be ‘born all over again’ and all the bad would be gone and we can start a new life- but this time we would have God’s favor and help- to serve Him- and show the way to others-

Its an Open Book Test….so crack that book open! 

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