are we there yet…..

1. Do you know what time it is?  –Yes, but I can’t tell you right now. (here is a hint.. it’s later that you think)

2. What’s for dinner?  -That was my question too-

3. Are we there yet? -I will wake you when we are close.

4. Where can I buy some of your cool stuff? -Currently I am in the Farm to Table Gallery in Chatham. It is run by the great folks at CapeAbillities- and half of the proceeds go directly to them to help fund and employ people with various handicaps. http://www.capeabilities.org/index.php/business-partnerships/farm-to-table/

5. Did you write a play?It’s actually a comical musical with a great message and it is called “What happens next..” I will email you the whole thing if you like- and if you are interested in performing it- I will help you as much as I can (fill out the contact page)

6. Where are my keys?well, I have checked and they are not here… sorry.

7. Why did I come into this room?I came in to ask you something, but you beat me to it.

8. Do you work as a welder? -no, I am actually work for an Organic Landscape company but I did spend 11 years doing large and dangerous tree removal for a tree company- and of course I still do tree work. (and automotive repair- but it’s not like I am not doing ‘unnecessary’ surgery- looking for potential sculpture pieces.)

the Staff of Signs and Wonders Inc.

9. What is Signs and Wonders Inc? –a very dangerous bunch of friends that are capable of just about anything with a relentless devotion and drive that just about kills them each year. I love them dearly. 

 10. What is the background picture with the big pieces of ice and the kid?Back in the winter of 2003/04- it was so cold that the Cape Cod Bay froze. I made it a point to drive out and see it everyday for that whole week- it was amazing. it’s salt water and it is very tidal so it gets moved around an broken up each day- the Kid is my son and he was perfectly safe because all that ice is actually on a beach! (but it just looks so cool)

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