10 Commandments


Here are some thoughts on the 10 Commandments….

You are probably picturing: Roman Numerals and all caps… THOU SHALL NOT..etc But, wait…

what if they were God’s Bio- …..a way that He could explain Himself to His people- 

1: I am God- I made everything and I also make all the rules- all other rules will refer back to this.. “simply because I am God, that’s why”  and that is the way it is.

2: No idols or graven images*… God doesn’t need some kind of symbol or marketable entity to represent Him- God is a Spirit that can change people on the inside- like the wind..” you don’t see the wind, you see the effects of it”.      And… you can’t make God into something that He is not- like if you say “I don’t think God would…or I think God is more like… or if I was God I wouldn’t…” etc. You are trying to change who God is- and He is not changing- “I am who I am”, without apology- (see rule #1)…  

3: Don’t take God’s name in vain- it’s not just the swearing thing… it’s when people go on TV and say stuff like “send me your money and God will bless you-” (God doesn’t want your money! He wants your heart) Taking God’s name in vain means: Don’t misrepresent Him- Don’t go around saying you are a christian and then do things  that everyone knows a christian would not do- God does not do background checks on people who want to follow Him (in fact- He erases your background so you can follow Him!) So anyone can become a believer- BUT- there is real responsibility- Now that you are a Christian- you have to act accordingly. God is willing to help you- simply Ask-  for help. (you would be surprised how many people become christians and then never talk to God again….) (whats up with that?) maybe they should check out #4… 

4: the sabbath… take a day off…God knows that life is tough- and we are constantly running around- it’s crazy- and you just need time to think and breathe- So let’s get together- like every six days – and we can be together- just us. -lets talk about stuff, about you, about Me- Our plans… you know, -stuff. You can probably imagine how upset Jesus was when he saw first-hand what the sabbath  had turned into- He probably said…”this day was supposed to be about US- like a date- do you think I am some kind of nut who gets upset about whether you used stairs or an elevator or carried something outside of your home, when you have missed the big picture- it is supposed to be a time we just spent together… so, push aside all the other stuff and let’s get together- we do need to talk. (just you and God)

There are 6 more- but these first ones are about God and you (us). They asked Jesus what was the greatest commandment and He said- “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strenght- and then love your neighbor as yourself”   perhaps, greatest “commandment” is misleading- because being commanded to love someone is like when your Mom says..”kiss aunt So-and-so”… and you HAVE to -yuck. that’s not love. So maybe it should be translated… best thing someone could do… anyway it would fix a lot of stuff.

5: Honor your Mother and Father- this is an amazing statement- it could have kept the human race in good shape because everyone would have kept themselves in line- so as not to give the family a bad name- Even from a secular social veiwpoint- it is an amazing revelation as to how to keep a society together.

6: Thou shall do no murder- (literal translation) Murder is different from killing- murder involves your heart and Jesus said “if you hate someone- it is the same as murder…”

7: No adultery- Again it is a heart issue- Jesus said “if you lust…. you have already commited adultery in your heart” And this also goes for ALL such lust-in-your-heart issues. (God is not going to let you slide on some technicallity)(you are busted!) Our hearts are desperately wicked.. So give it over to Jesus- surrender. (as often as you have to- God is not going to feel as though you are bothering Him!)

8: Thou shall not steal- anything, at any time- no exceptions. This one gets us all. I mean….’anything’? ! (man- we need help) People will always say “I never robbed a bank…” But that’s not what it says. It says stealing. Size or dollar amount do not matter. So, go and sin no more…  and God will give you favor.

9: No lying. Another one that gets everybody. and we all know where liars go…. Washington. 

10: No coveting. Basically, just be happy with what you have and stop wanting what everyone else has- stop listening to the voices that are trying to make you discontent with your life- Jesus loves you. (you- the bum) So trust in Jesus- seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you… and then you will realize you probably did not need them in the first place, simply because having God is better.

6,7,8,9 & 10 all good stuff that kinda should go without having to be said- common sense stuff -breaking any of these will just screw up your life as well as everyone else- so- Have some common sense. Take responsibility for yourself and behave.

(*these comments come from a guy who makes sculpture! -believe me , I know my graven images! and mine are kosher… just don’t worship them) 

*this is a re-post but you might have missed it earlier…

6 comments on “10 Commandments

  1. ¡Gringo bells! ¡Gringo Bells!
    I know is not Christmas but every time I think about that play (20 years ago?), you with your mexican accent and the hot dogs it makes me laugh!
    I love every corner of your web page very cool, good stuff to live by … because is true 🙂


  2. The Bart Man! Still the Master of unique perspective and expressing it clearly, thoughtfully, and with the perfect amount of one-of-a-kind, found-nowhere-else-in-the-universe, they-broke-the-mold, humor.


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