The Sculptures

coffee guy #120150411_10493220150411_10525020150411_10482520150411_10463420150411_104723 Birds- Crabs- Lizards- and even musicians- as well as lots and lots of other stuff.. 

It really depends on the parts available… although I have done some things on purpose- deliberately finding parts to make specific things.

Since I began making these pieces, I have been in several gallery’s including; the Modern Primative Gallery in Georgia, The Giving Tree in Sandwich Ma (still there actually) and most prominently, The Jacob Fanning Gallery in Wellfleet Ma (although it has closed) The Jacob Fanning was where my stuff did best- even the owners of the gallery bought stuff for themselves! I even had a piece stolen from there (which is a very high compliment in the art world) (serious bragging rights!)

Now I am in the Farm to Table store in Chatham Ma which is run by Cape Abilities and helps disabled people find employment.
Because this kind of stuff will last a long time- I have raised my standards and really try to make great pieces. However- all the pieces do have a life-time guarantee-“if it breaks- and I am still alive, I will fix it for free!”

9 comments on “The Sculptures

  1. These are fantastic!! You have been telling me your a genius since you were 17…. (sorry I degress) you truly are. Rock on man.


  2. So happy I ran across your business card… We met over the summer @ cape abilities… I was the woman who bought honey, hydrangeas, a toad house… Was just talking to a friend about the farm…

    Hope all is well… I can’t wait to share your site with my students…


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