Cassie Evans Project

Cassie Evans is an Amazing little girl- with amazing parents- anyone who has met them knows-

When she was born, she was diagnosed with SMA- and not expected to live (at all) This is a very serious disease with no cure. 

She is now Eight years old -an absolute miracle- and she has written several songs- for her Dad to play on guitar.

Her life is still quite difficult and her amazing Mom is with her at all times-

Although she is not able to talk or use her body- she can communicate through eye movements- and she is much more contemplative about things- so songwriting actually works quite well- and her songs are very touching.

 Thanks to the people at the Make a Wish foundation- she is going to have some of her songs played on the radio- and I have been fortunate to be asked to play some guitar and bass on some of the songs- 

We started recording in May of this year and all is going well- I will post stuff as soon as it is ready- 

I am sure it will blow you away- Jesus is really using this little girl in powerful ways!

Update: the disc is finished and if you would like a copy- contact me and I will mail you one! And you can hear the title track here- 



2 comments on “Cassie Evans Project

  1. Dear Uncle Marc,

    I’m so glad God has placed you in my life. Your singing to me since I was a baby, and giving daddy a guitar has blessed me and given me a way to express myself. I was so happy that you are doing this project so that I can tell the world that God is real and that he answers prayers. My every breath is givern by Him (literally). I love you!


    • I am very glad that you came into ALL our lives- You and especially your Mom and Dad, have shown what God can do. Sometimes we are too ‘capable’ of doing things and God doesn’t have any room to ‘show off’ the way He would love to (for our benefit-)
      By placing you in this world- God has made a place for people to be able to do things- to give where they may have never given- or to do what they would never have been able to- but because you are here, God has been able to touch many, many others- and that’s one of His favorite things to do.
      I love you too Cassie (I know you have a crush on me!) and I love you too- Henry and Mary!


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