2 comments on “this container….

  1. Dear Mark,It was great to hear from you and to read your inspirational message. You have clearly been doing some thinking about this issue and have worthwhile things to say on the subject. Thank you for sending them to us. Paul and I will be driving east with the two dogs and the cat toward the end of June, and plan to be in Hyannis Port by July 4th. I look forward to learning more about what you are thinking and doing.Laura de Blank


  2. Great stuff Mark and so true! This is more and more a reality the longer these containers kick around planet earth. Hey, if you get your container cremated your family will know it’s really you because there will be this titanium part that looks like it’s part of a drum set. Just a thought. Or if you’re raptured, it should be left in your t-shirt. Thanks for being the Real You and writing about it!


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